Annual Town Meeting to be Adjourned to Later Date Due to Newspaper Misprint

As a result of a newspaper misprint, the Town was not able to comply with the 5-day legal publication requirements to hold the Annual Town Meeting on the first Monday in May, as is required in the Town Charter. Without that proper notice, Town Meeting cannot legally proceed to consider the budget or other business.

Town Meeting must be called to order on Monday under the Charter but may only lawfully act to adjourn the meeting to a specific date and time in the future to allow for proper publication. May 16 is the proposed date for the Adjourned Annual Town Meeting. No other Town Meeting action will be deemed lawful, although Town Meeting may accept reports and petitions for action at the Adjourned Town Meeting.

Below is a statement from The Chronicle regarding the newspaper misprint:


First Selectman Kevin Cwikla,
I am very sorry we had an internal error, and did not run your Legal Notice for the Annual Town Meeting  for May 2 that was scheduled to run Tuesday April 26.
The error was on our part, as you placed it in time to make that edition.
I can be reached at info below if anyone has any concerns
Jan Koivisto
Advertising Director
The Chronicle
860-423-8466 ext 3314