State Aid

State Law (Section 21-130B) requires us to state the following:

The 2021-2022 budget for the Town of Lebanon estimates that $5,379,037 will be received from the State of Connecticut for various state financed programs. Without this assistance, your 2021-2022 property tax would be 36.2 mils.

Please direct questions to Kelly A. Lawer, Tax Collector at 860- 642-7222.

Motor vehicles are taxable in Connecticut, whether they are registered or not. State law allows for a tax bill credit in four specific situations:

  1. If you sold the vehicle and turned in the plates to DMV. If you sold the vehicle and transferred the plates to another vehicle, you will receive a credit for the number of months you did not have the vehicle in the next billing cycle and you must pay the bill for the vehicle you no longer have.
  2. If the vehicle was totaled and the title was transferred.
  3. If the vehicle was moved out of state and registered out of state.
  4. If the vehicle was stolen and not recovered.

Information is provided here to facilitate a speedy resolution for you, the taxpayer. But please note - The Assessor's Office makes the corrections to the bill. Documentation for a credit is required and application must be made within a specific time period.

See the Assessor's page for details.