Village Business District Design Review

The Village Business District Design Review Board was formed by the Lebanon Planning and Zoning Committee on September 16, 2013.

The purpose of the Village Business District is to allow for integrated residential and business development in residential-style structures, including the conversion of residential dwellings to businesses, which meet some of the local shopping, service and housing needs of residents while preserving and enhancing the unique rural, historic and architectural character and scale of the district. 

The Design Review Board reviews applications for new construction, exterior modifications or changes in land use in the Village Business District Zone to determine consistency with the Design Review Standards found in Appendix 1 of the Zoning Regulations and makes advisory recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission within thirty-five (35) days of Commission plan acceptance, unless the Applicant requests and is granted an extension of time. The DRB report submitted to the Commission shall be entered into the public record. 

The Design Review Board considers the design and placement of buildings, structures, parking, landscaping, pedestrian and vehicular ways, public and private roadways, signage, lighting, fencing, stone walls, retaining walls and other elements deemed appropriate.


Board Members

Name Title
William Brewster (U) Member (09/21/2025)
Ellen Macauley (D) Member (09/21/2025)
Jean Reichard (R) Member (10/19/2023)
Steven Zickmann (R) Member (09/21/2025)
James Russo (U) Member (09/21/2024)
Jason Nowosad (U) Member (10/19/2023)