Lebanon Farms

Lebanon is Farm Country and one of New England’s largest agricultural communities!

Lebanon’s historical and agricultural roots are inseparable. Its farms continue to provide food and fiber necessary to sustain the masses -- just as they did at the time of our nation’s founding! With almost 10,000 acres of farmland, of which 5,500 are permanently preserved, Lebanon is a Connecticut capital for the dairy, poultry, equine, and nursery industries. Maintaining a significant agricultural base is a key focus of Lebanon’s planning and development. Maintaining and growing Lebanon’s agricultural land base is good for the tax base and important to providing and protecting our treasured opens spaces and scenic vistas, local economy and tourism, wetlands and wildlife habitat, and public health.


View our directory of featured farms below. To add your farm to our featured list, please contact the Town Planner's office.

Graywall Farms
The Chesmer family of Graywall Farms, Lebanon, CT

Graywall Farms, operated by Robin Chesmer and his son Lincoln, started business in 1989 when they leased a 185 acre dairy farm and purchased 80 milk cows and farm equipment. Robin’s son-in-law, David Hevner manages the young stock facility on this family farm.
The dairy farm real estate was purchased in 1992 after the owner’s sold the development rights to the State of Connecticut, making the land more affordable for farming. Graywall Farms has grown to include 900 acres of owned land, with 725 acres protected from development by Connecticut’s Farmland Preservation Program.

Graywall Farms is a CT Dairy Farm of Distinction and was named the Connecticut Dairy Farm of the Year for the New England Green Pasture Program in 1998. The family is dedicated to raising awareness of the many benefits of agriculture and farmland preservation in Connecticut.

Lebanon Christmas Tree Farm

Lebanon Christmas Tree Farm sign

Address: 160 Lebanon Ave.
Phone: (860) 642-7082
Contact: Mike and Sue Baldi

Ten years ago Mike Baldi planted Christmas tree seedlings on four plus acres of land on the corner of Rt.16 and Goshen Hill Rd. Trimming of trees took place each year and they are now for sale and available for your home during the holidays. The farm will open the day after Thanksgiving, Fridays from 12:00pm to dark, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am until dark. Special arrangements can be made by calling 860-642-7082. Christmas wreaths and other items will also be on sale.


ME Llama Farm

llamas on a farm

Address: 300 Beaumont Highway
Phone: (860) 423-0380
Contact: Margaret and Edward Bender Jr.

Started in January of 1990 with three llamas this one hundred acre farm has expanded to a herd of approximately fifty. Wool from the llamas is sold as raw fleece, yarn or finished garments and sales are done through word of mouth. The Benders often do shows and youth classes.

Visitors are always welcome. Stop by to see the animals or to purchase hand knit sweaters, hats scarves, and shawls.

Myvalpaca Farm

alpaca and baby alpaca

Address: 108 Clubhouse Rd
Phone: (860) 450-0477
Contact: Valerie Andrews

Myvalpaca farm is located at 108 Clubhouse Rd. in Lebanon and is owned by Valerie Andrews. It is operated with the help of her son, Ethan Andrews, and daughter, Myriah Hinchey. This small 60 acre farm, comprised of mostly woodland, obtained its first alpaca in 2007. The goal of the farm is to stay small and raise quality alpacas to sell for breeding purposes as well as use the fiber produced. The fiber is lighter and warmer than wool. It differs from wool in that it is not itchy, since it contains no barbs, and is hypo-allergenic since it contains no lanolin.

The alpaca which has fleece of a large variety of colors is one of the oldest domesticated animals in the world and is thought to have spiritual qualities. They are gentle yet curious animals that make perfect pets, since they don't eat much and are rather small boned under all the fluffy fleece. All the alpacas are registered with the national ARI. More information about alpacas can be found at alpacainfo.com. 
Apacas for breeding or fleece, yarn and warm alpaca socks are sold on site, by phone, or on the website.

As well as running the farm, Valerie Andrews is also an artist with a studio on-site. Visitors are always welcome by appointment.

OUR Acres

tree with a sign and an american flag

Address: 1041 Exeter Rd.
Phone: (860) 642-7092
Contact: Teddy Randal

OUR Acres Farm includes two hundred and forty acres and was purchased by George P. Randall and family in 1960. It contains a historic post/beam barn which was built by Gilbert Williams, an early settler of Lebanon. The farm was primarily used as a dairy farm for milk production and corn for silage until 1986 when the developmental rights were sold so it could continue in agriculture. As a family homestead, Teddy wants the farm to continue for family use and for agricultural activities from Lyman High School, 4-H, Girl/Boy scouts and recreational purposes.

The farm presently operates with the help of daughter Marilu, grandson Jesse Soileau and other family members. It continues to grow corn for silage and is open in September and October for the program, Harvest A Meal,where people can come in to pick their own vegetables. Teddy and her family also participate in the Farmer’s Market and have a road side stand selling vegetables in the summer.

River Plain Dairy


Address: 85 Exeter Rd.
Phone: (860) 642-7803
Contact: Jeff and Alexis Cone

A Farm of Distinction since 2004, River Plain Dairy is made up of 200 acres of beautiful rolling hills and has been in the Cone family since 1968 when purchased by Ted Cone. The farm presently milks fifty head of Holsteins and has forty young stock.

Cows are grazed, which encourages longevity of the herd and genetics are improved through the use of registered Holsteins. Each cow makes 22,000 pounds of milk per year. The farm grows its own feed and has forty acres of corn and forty acres of hay.

At harvesting time the extended Cone family helps out and Jeff and Alexis’ children are involved with the everyday events and understand the purpose of farming and its lifestyle.

Square A Farm


Address: 1068 Trumbull Hwy.
Phone: (860) 642-7538
Contact: Shawn McGillicuddy

This beautiful two hundred acre Dairy Farm of Distinction  is located not far from the center of town and was originally owned by Richard Abell and brothers. Presently it is owned by grandson Shawn McGillicuddy. The well managed farm has two hundred milking cows, some of which graze, and it produces fourteen thousand gallons of milk daily. There are about two hundred acres planted in corn and another three to two hundred and fifty rented acres that produce hay. It commands beautiful rolling hills and wonderful views.

Sugar Maple Farms (Lebanon Agricultural Products LLC)

man next to a wooden building

Address: 779 Exeter Road
Phone: (860) 642-0618
Contact: Jim Jahoda and Chuck Haralson

Lebanon Agricultural Products has grown rapidly over the last few years. Our primary product is maple syrup although we do have honey and vegetables in season. The sugarhouse is located off of Route 207 about a mile west of the town's center and is up a long dirt road. However, the buckets line the historic Lebanon Green and can be found on many of the surrounding town roads. Maple syrup is the first crop from Lebanon each year with the sugarhouse being busy during the months of February and March.

In any given year, Jim Jahoda, owner, starts stringing tap lines before Christmas. The majority of our taps are on private or protected land in town and use gravity to draw the sap to barrels for pickup. We are still growing and have over 1000 taps.

Sugar Maple Farms has been making maple syrup for over 20 years and can be found at the Lebanon Farmers Market. Chuck Haralson (642-9984), Jim's partner, does sales from his house just west of the town green on Route 207.

Please call ahead.

West Green Farm, LLC


west green farm sign

Address: 119 West Town Street
Phone: (860) 642-6745
Contact: Steven and Jen Preli

The West Green Farm Market is located amid pastoral views on the beautiful Lebanon Green. Customers can always expect the highest quality produce as everything is sold when it is in season. The farm consists of 6 acres of fruit, including apple and peach trees, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and plums. During the summer growing season they have 3 acres of vegetables in production . Their farm market also includes herbs, flowers, and honey.

A unique aspect of West Green Farm is their wide selection of local fiber and yarn offerings from local fiber artisans. Jen is an experienced knitter and offers for sale hand knitted items. Beginner to advanced knitting classes are always available along with patterns and needles.

Once an old overgrown dairy farm, Steven, Jen and their three children purchased the 32 acre farm in 1998. In keeping with the tradition of the farm they still keep cows and make hay as well.

The farm market is open everyday 9:00am to 6:00pm, June through October and Thursday through Sunday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm during November and December.