Fire Marshal

The position of Local Fire Marshal was created by the State Legislature to enforce the Life Safety Code, Hazardous Materials Codes, and, to investigate and determine the cause and origin of all fires and explosions occurring within Town limits. The Marshal is also to keep records of said fires and explosions. As such, the local Fire Marshal serves and protects both Town Residents and local businesses. The following information is provided to help both Residents and local businesses understand the Fire Marshal's role in serving their needs.

Local Residents: 

Your local Fire Marshal, in cooperation with the Building Official, inspects and approves the following: wood stove installations, Underground Storage Tank removal and installation, LP gas installations and Smoke Detectors. Town Residents are well advised to contact the Local Building Official's Office to determine if their project requires a Building Permit. Consultation with the Building Official and Fire Marshal will help assure work is done correctly and according to the Building Code.

Hazardous Materials: 

Your local Fire Marshal is responsible for issuing permits for the legal use of fire works and explosives. The Fire Marshal also enforces Codes for proper storage of flammable and combustible liquids, such as gasoline and diesel fuel. The local Fire Marshal also annually inspects all vehicles used for the transport of hazardous materials that are garaged in Lebanon.

Code Enforcement: 

Every public building in the Town of Lebanon, including schools, local government buildings, day care, restaurants, mercantile, etc., are subject to annual inspection for Life Safety Code compliance.

Certain buildings, such as Day Care and Group Homes, are subject to formal annual inspections with posted Inspection Reports. All businesses subject to inspection are welcome to contact the Fire Marshal to schedule their inspections.

Fire Investigation: 

Thankfully, Lebanon does not have many fires. However, due to our rural nature, fires are often not discovered until they are significantly involved. The Fire Marshal and his Deputy have received extensive training from the Connecticut State Fire Marshal's Office in fire investigations. The local Fire Marshal also has access to assistance from the State Fire Marshal to determine the origin and cause of fires and explosions. All our fire data since 1995 has been stored in a computer for reporting to the State Fire Marshal, and to the National Fire Incident Reporting System.

Fire Prevention: 

The most important, yet, often the most underappreciated work of the local Fire Marshal is his role in Fire Prevention. Fire Prevention consists of both enforcement and education. Hazardous conditions, such as the improper storage or use of flammable or combustible materials is subject to enforcement and abatement efforts. Education consists of our formal Fire Prevention Program at the Lebanon Elementary School every October, along with casual assistance in educating the public through various means and the distribution of educational materials at Town Hall, the Lebanon Country Fair, and other venues.

The Office of the Lebanon Fire Marshal stands ready to protect and to serve the public interest and safety of all Lebanon Residents. Please do not hesitate to write, call or email for assistance or information.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mark Waters Fire Marshal
John Meigel Deputy Fire Marshal (02/05/2023)