Tax Office

Asbestos Abatement at Town Hall

The Town Hall has TEMPORARILY MOVED to the downstairs of the

Lebanon Community Center located at 872 Trumbull Highway.

The Lebanon Tax Office is responsible for the collection of taxes for the Town of Lebanon. In addition we are the Agent for the collection for the Flood and Control Board, for the Lake Williams Dam Assessment, and the Collector for the Lebanon Water Pollution Control Authority. 


For results of the January 10th, 2024 Tax Sale, please Visit:

You may make payments in the following ways:

In Person: The Tax Office is located at 579 Exeter Road. Lebanon CT 06249. Office hours are Mon, Thur, Fri. 8:00am - 4:00pm, Tues. 8:00am - 6:00pm. The Town Hall is CLOSED on Wednesdays. 

Payments by credit/debit card will be subjected to a non-refundable convenience fee assessed by Invoice Cloud of 2.99% of the transaction amount or a minimum of $3.95. 

By Mail: Checks should be made out to the "Lebanon Tax Collector" and mailed to "Tax Office, 579 Exeter Road, Lebanon, CT 06249" with the appropriate payment coupon. If a receipt is needed, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope; otherwise no receipt will be sent. Payments made by mail will be processed as received as of the USPS Postmarked Date.

Drop Box: The drop box is located at the front entrance to Town Hall. Please, no cash payments in the drop box. Payments received after business hours will be processed as received next business day.

Online: Payments by credit card, & electronic check can be made through the Town of Lebanon website or CLICK HERE. For card transactions, there will be a non-refundable convenience fee assessed by Invoice Cloud of 2.99% of the transaction amount or a minimum of $3.95. 

E-checks will be charged a $ 2.00 flat fee.

Online payments are processed next business day, but will reflect actual date paid online. Payments take 24 hours after processing to reflect online.

By Phone: Call 855-786-5352, you will need your list number (bill number) for this method of payment. The fee is $ 0.95, plus the method of payment fee (see below). 

Credit Card/Debit Card/PayPal/GooglePay: 2.99% (or minimum of $3.95)
EFT Checking: Flat fee of $2.00

Delinquent taxes accrue interest at 1.5% per month from the original Due Date, minimum interest charge is $2.00.

Failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the tax or subsequent fees and interest.

For Delinquent Motor Vehicle Bills, Per Connecticut General Statute 14-33, if motor vehicle taxes are unpaid, you will not be able to newly register or renew any vehicle registration with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV no longer accepts from tax collectors a paper tax release or stamp on the back of your registration renewal. DMV will be electronically notified of your payment.

Cash/Money Order - It can take 1-2 business days after your payment to be cleared to register, please plan accordingly.

Checks/Credit or Debit Cards - It can take 5-7 business days after your payment to be cleared to register, please plan accordingly.

 You can check whether you have any DMV compliance issues at ALL outstanding vehicle taxes associated with your name and/or your registration marker number(s) must be paid in full in order for a release to be issued.

PLEASE NOTE: As with all tax payments, your payment is recorded as PAID for Interest and Date of Payment purposes on the date it is paid in our database.  Your payment is NOT SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED until the funds are transferred into the Town of Lebanon's bank.  If a payment is returned for ANY reason there will be a return payment fee of $15.00 and any additional interest will be owed.

Please retain all records for income tax purposes. No income tax information will be given over the phone. Prior calendar year tax payments can be found via the "Online Payment” link on the left. Follow the search instructions and click the "IRS Payment Records for Year 20xx" button.

Please see our "Taxpayers' Guide" to help guide you.

Per the Town Charter, effective December 1, 2019, the position of Tax Collector shall become an appointed position upon the completion of the current elected term or when a vacancy occurs.

2023 was a revaluation year.
The next revaluation year is 2028.
The mil rate for FY2023-2024 is 29.0.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Kelly Lawer Tax Collector
Beth Nelson Revenue Clerk