Library Board of Trustees

An elected board with members serving six year terms.

The latest information on the Jonathan Trumbull Library is available on the library's website, where you can search the catalog, renew or reserve materials, and check library events.

To view the Final Planning Project Report for the Jonathan Trumbull Library please click here

Board Members

Name Title
Catherine McCall (R) Chairman (11/20/2023)
Michelle Kersey (R) Trustee (11/18/2025)
Berkeley Nowosad (D) Trustee (11/21/2023)
Eilleen Weinsteiger (R) Trustee (11/21/2023)
Bill Goba (D) Trustee (11/18/2025)
Janice Knudsen (D) Trustee (11/18/2025)
Guthrie Dinda (R) Member (11/15/2027)
Christine Hadyka (R) Member (11/15/2027)
Suzanne Ninteau (R) Member (11/15/2027)