Health Department

The Town of Lebanon joined the Uncas Health District on July 1, 2015.  From this date forward, Uncas Health will be providing all health-realated functions for the Town of Lebanon including:

  • Conducting food service inspections and re-inspections;
  • Reviewing plans for new establishments and renovations to existing establishments;
  • Licensing of food service establishments and temporary food service events;
  • Investigating and resolving complaints of public health nuisances including, but not limited to, garbage and refuse, rodents, inspects, sewage, housing and indoor air quality;
  • Monitoring test holes and conducting percolation tests for subsurface sewage disposal systems;
  • Reviewing applications for permits to install subsurface sewage disposal systems;
  • Inspecting septic system installations for compliance with the Connecticut Public Health Code;
  • Investigating problems with existing septic systems;
  • Reviewing applications for well permits and inspecting well sites;
  • Preparing reports on all investigations;
  • Approving all house additions and decks plus location of out buildings including sheds and pools. Each location must have on file a code compliant septic system including data in regards to test pits and perc rates. As a rule only newer locations have such data available, therefore, testing must be performed to prove that the location, could has a code compliant septic system if necessary.
  • Assisting the Town in carrying out other aspects of its environmental health mission.

To obtain applications for all health services described above, please go to Uncas Health. See the Uncas Health District for more information.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Holli Smith Land Use Secretary