Pistol Permits

Pistol Permit applications are processed by the Selectman's Office by appointment only. You must appear in-person.

Residents who wish to obtain a state pistol permit must first apply with their municipality for a temporary permit, valid for just 60 days. After obtaining the temporary permit, most applicants can quickly receive a full permit by visiting an office of the Special Licensing and Firearms Bureau for the Connecticut State Police. The SLFB headquarters in Middletown and Troop E in Montville are the nearest locations.

If you have already been to the Selectman's Office and received a pre-enrollment code, click the link above to visit the fingerprinting pre-enrollment portal. If you have not yet received a pre-enrollment code from the Selectman's Office, please see the instructions below.


  • Obtain application and schedule appointment: Permits applications are processed with the Selectman's Office. You may schedule an appointment by calling 860-642-6100 or by emailing shill@LebanonCT.gov
  • Complete and notarize application form (see file attachment at bottom of page) along with all specified identification. Notary services may not be consistently available at Town Hall due to changed COVID19 operations. Most banks also have a notary on staff, and they may or may not charge a fee. Do not fill out the “declaration” section of the back page of this document until you are in the presence of a notary.
    • Check, cash, or money order in the amount of $70.00 Made out to “The Town of Lebanon”
    • Drivers License (must present the original at time of application)
    • Hand Gun Safety Course Certificate 
    • Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Sign fingerprint privacy rights documents: The privacy rights requirement can be downloaded here and reviewed ahead of time. You must sign and date both documents at the bottom and return them to the Selectman's Office. Once your privacy rights documents and application packet are received, you will be given a pre-enrollment code. These documents are also available in-person at Town Hall.
  • Pre-enroll with Connecticut Criminal History Request System (CCHRS) online: You must use the pre-enrollment code provided by the Selectman's Office to enroll. This is required to obtain your fingerprints. You must pay the state two fees of $75.00 and $13.25 for processing of your fingerprints at this time. You will be given a barcode which you must bring with you to your fingerprinting destination.
  • Complete state fingerprint process: Electronic scans can be obtained at Troop K in Colchester and will be submitted directly by the fingerprinting agency. Background checks will be returned to the First Selectman's Office within 8 to 12 weeks.

After your background check is received, you will be notified when your Temporary Local Pistol Permit is ready to be picked up. The Temporary Permit must be picked up and signed in-person by the applicant with a current photo ID.

Temporary Local Pistol Permits are valid for 60 days and cannot be renewed. You must reapply to local authority if expired without obtaining your State Permit. Your Temporary Permit is valid to carry firearms only — NOT valid for purchase of firearms.

Please contact the Selectmen’s Office at (860) 642-6100 with any questions you may have.