Board of Finance

The Town of Lebanon operates under a Town Meeting form of government as described in the Town Charter. The Board of Selectmen are responsible for the everyday operations of the town. The Board of Finance is responsible for overseeing the financing of these operations.

Early each year, departments, boards, agencies, commissions and committees submit their budget requests to the Board of Finance for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1st. The board then meets individually with each entity to discuss their request. A budget proposal is then compiled and presented to the town at a Public Hearing in April. This is the best opportunity for tax payers to hear, discuss, and comment on the budget proposal and to suggest changes they feel appropriate. The Board of Finance then presents a formal proposal to be acted on at the Annual Town Meeting, which is always the 1st Monday in May. This is also the only town meeting where any subject appropriate to be discussed at a Town Meeting can be raised from the floor. It does not have to be specifically warned on the agenda. Once the budget has been approved, the Board of Finance sets the mill rate.

Check the calendar for specific dates and locations of meetings.

Members of the Board of Finance are elected to 6 year terms. Two positions for regular members and one position for an alternate member are up for election every two years.

Board Members

Name Title
David Scata (R) Vice-Chairman (11/21/2023)
Meghan Bruce (R) Secretary (11/18/2025)
Elizabeth Charron (D) Chairman (11/21/2023)
Diane Malozzi (R) Member (11/16/2021)
Michael Ninteau (R) Alternate (11/21/2023)
Gregg Lafontaine (D) Member (11/18/2025)
Alan Dunnack (D) Member (11/16/2021)
Tony Tyler (D) Alternate (11/16/2021)
Dennis Cronin (D) Alternate (11/16/2021)