Planning & Zoning Commission

I. Statutory Powers and Duties

Per the Town Charter, Planning and Zoning Commission consists of seven (7) regular members and three (3) alternate members, each of whom shall be elected for a term of six (6) years, and shall exercise the powers and duties prescribed in Chapters 124 and 126 of the Connecticut General Statutes. In summary, these include:

  • To prepare, adopt, or amend the Plan of Conservation and Development -- last completed in 2010.
  • To establish, change, or repeal the zoning and subdivision regulations, and zoning districts.
  • To hear, consider, and decide upon applications for approval of subdivision or resubdivision plans, site plans, and special permits.
  • To provide for the manner in which the zoning regulations are to be enforced and to take appropriate actions to enforce them.
  • To review and make recommendations on all proposed municipal improvements, i.e., streets, bridges, schools, parks, utilities, sidewalks, public housing, etc.
  • To prepare and file surveys, maps, or plans of proposed streets.
  • To approve or disapprove municipal applications to DEP for grants-in-aid of programs established to preserve open space lands.

II. Master Planning

The Town of Lebanon established a Planning and Zoning Commission in 1962. The Town has chosen to combine their Planning Commission and Zoning Commission, rather than have separate Commissions as is now permitted by State Statute. Federal and State enabling legislation is based on a municipality first PLANNING, through the creation of a Master or Comprehensive Plan, and second ZONING, according to said Plan.

In Connecticut, the Master Plan is referred to as the Plan of Conservation and Development. State Statute requires each this plan to be updated at least every ten (10) years by the Planning Commission. The Plan of Conservation and Development is available for sale in the Town Clerk's Office.

III. Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Besides the Plan of Conservation and Development, the PZC relies on its two (2) sets of regulations (zoning regulations and subdivision regulations) and the zoning map – all of which area available in the Town Clerk's Office. The Commission may amend these documents after considering public testimony.

Zoning Regulations. (see below) The Zoning Regulations primarily deal with permitting specific uses of land in each zoning district, density and parking regulations, signage, landscaping requirements, and application types, procedures, and requirements.

Subdivision Regulations. (see below)Subdivision applications have to do with splitting a lot into 2 or more lots. Subdivision applications and their review are primarily an administrative function of the PZC, with the exception of ruling on the appropriate location of open space in a subdivision.

IV. Meetings

The PZC holds regular meetings the third Monday of each month. Special meetings may be scheduled when deemed necessary. Meetings are held in the Town Hall at 7 pm and are open to the public. Check the calendar for specific meeting dates and times.

In 2015, Lebanon was awarded Community of the Year by the CT Chapter of the American Planning Association “in recognition of its on-going efforts to preserve its agricultural-based economy and town character”.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Philip Chester Town Planner

Commission Members

Name Title
James Jahoda (D) Chairman (11/16/2021)
Keith LaPorte (D) Member (11/21/2023)
Thomas Meyer (D) Member (11/16/2021)
Wayne Budney (R) Member (11/16/2021)
Robin Chesmer (D) Member (11/18/2025)
Francis Malozzi (R) Member (11/21/2023)
Allyn Miller (R) Alternate (11/21/2023)
Ethan Stearns (R) Alternate (11/18/2025)
Thomas Benoit (D) Member (11/18/2025)
Julie Chalifoux (U) Alternate (11/16/2021)