Inland Wetlands Commission

In 1974 Lebanon passed an ordinance allowing the creation of the Inland Wetland Commission. Since that time the Commission has been responsible for the preservation and protection of Lebanon’s wetlands and watercourses from random, unnecessary, undesirable and unregulated uses and provides an orderly process to balance the need for economic growth and use of land with the need to protect its environment and ecology. 

In addition to activities proposed within wetlands and watercourses, the Commission also regulates activities within 100 feet of these resources. Regulation of this “upland review area” allows the Commission to review activities in proximity to wetlands, streams, ponds, etc. to ensure that these resources are properly protected. 

Lebanon currently has 6,765+/- acres of wetlands, which represents 19% of the land area of the town. Wetlands and watercourses and the 100-foot upland review area around them are critical to all of us. We all have a vested interest in protecting this vital resource. If you have questions regarding your wetlands or are planning to conduct work in wetlands, watercourses or within 100 feet of these resources please contact Phil Chester, Lebanon Town Planner at 860-642-2006.

Commission Members

Name Title
Dean Gustafson (U) Member (06/01/2023)
James Hallene (U) Member (06/01/2024)
James McCaw (R) Chairman (06/01/2023)
Carl Bender (U) Member (06/01/2023)
Jim Bender (R) Member (06/01/2024)
John Drum (R) Member (06/01/2022)
Robert Slate (R) Secretary (06/01/2022)
Dennis Latchum (D) Member (06/01/2022)
Michelle Trani (D) Member (06/01/2024)