Lebanon Green Tree Replanting Committee

The Lebanon Tree Replanting Committee was initially established by the Board of Selectmen January 3, 2006. The work of the committee was substantially completed in 2006. The original committee remained in place until February 2010 when it was formally disbanded.

In November 2019, the Board of Selectmen reinsituted the committee to consist of five members, following the resolution of legal action that granted the Town of Lebanon ownership of the Lebanon Green. The committee has been charged with developing a plan for the planting of a new Christmas tree on the Town Green and with plantings for any other replacement trees on the Green in accordance with the easement held by the Lebanon Historical Society for the property.

Committee Members

Name Title
Keith LaPorte (D) Member (02/01/2024)
Betsy Petrie (R) Member (02/01/2024)
Scott Bender (R) Member (02/01/2024)
Kelly Lawer (D) Member (02/01/2024)
Dan King (D) Member (02/01/2024)