Land Records

Land record documents for recording received within 30 minutes of closing will be recorded the next business day.

Indices for the Lebanon Land Records can be viewed through Cott Systems. The land record indices available here range from 1958 to the present. Images of documents are available from December 3, 1846 to the present. Cott Systems will be making their CT town land records avaiable for $2,00 per page with "No Subscription Fee" until further notice. 

Temporary RECORDhub Suscription:  A temporary RECORDhub subscription with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE and $2.00 per page prints.  This new temporary suscription  effective March 23, 2020 will continue until further notice.  The subscription will be named "Land Records-Temporary No Fee" and will be available in the list of subscription options for each town. This is a "day forward" option beginning 3/23/2020. All current RECORDhub subscriptions will remain in effect.

To Use the "Land-Records-Temporary No Fee " Subscriptions:  Log into RECORDhub and select the town you would like to view.  Follow these steps:  1) Select "View Pricing Plans" under the "Land Records-Temporary No Fee" subscription.  2) Click "Add to Cart"  3) Click "Proceed to Cart"  4) Once in the cart, click "Finish".   A  confirmation of the $0 purchase will display.  5) Click "Close".    The Town is now available for searching.  Images will be viewable with a watermark.   You may print images with the watermark for $2/page.   You will need to follow the steps abvoe for each town you wish to view using the temporary no fee subscription.   If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Cott Systems:   CUSTOMER SUPPORT / 1-800-588-2688 [email protected]




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